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About Germa

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‘Germa is a rising star on the folk scene with a beguiling and original style’, Folk on Foot


'captivating and honest', Folkroom London


'Creole folk star Germa Adan recorded one of the great LPs of 2017, the rare beauty, Kenbe Fèm... Germa, right now is an incredibly powerful, unique and fresh voice on the UK folk scene’                  -Outside Left Magazine

'Kenbe Fem/Hold Firm - an intriguing collection of songs drawn from Haitian lullaby, sacred harp, English tradition and original compositions, quickly became a topic of excited conversation in the gilded corridors of fRoots on its release in June 2017'.

       - fRoots Magazine

Photo by Jas Sansi

Germa Adan, a remarkable musician and singer-songwriter, summons profound artistic depth from the abundant well of her Haitian heritage. Within her artistic approach, she weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of sound that transcends borders and genres.  


Germa's music is a testament to her diverse background and life journey, from Haiti to the United States and now residing in the United Kingdom. This geographical odyssey infuses her art with a profound sense of place and identity.

Known for her storytelling prowess and a profound sense of social consciousness, Germa's music delves deep into the past and the present, offering listeners a unique and thought-provoking experience. Her music is a tapestry of ethereal vocal and stringed harmonies, intricately woven with influences from Haitian, American, British, and global folk traditions. One of Germa's signature elements is her use of the fiddle, which she wields with delicate yet intricate rhythms and harmonies, enhancing her soul-stirring vocals.

 In her debut album, "Kenbe Fem" (Hold Firm), Germa Adan unveiled her distinctive voice, offering a selection of songs that captivated audiences and critics alike for its rare beauty and originality. 

Germa is pleased to be releasing her eagerly awaited second album ‘Borderlines & Bloodlines’ on 27th October 2023. In this musical endeavor, she collaborates with a diverse ensemble of talents, including the Senegalese Kora virtuoso, Kadialy Kouyate, and acclaimed Birmingham saxophonist and flautist Xhosa Cole. Co-produced with electronic artist/sound engineer  Duncan Thornley, this new album continues to draw from her Haitian roots while artfully encompassing a wider spectrum of sonic influences. Within its tapestry, the album weaves together autobiographical themes of ancestry and heritage, drawing inspiration from the rich reservoirs of distinctive literary works.

Germa shares her thoughts about the new album:

“As I concluded my university studies, I embarked upon a profound contemplation of my own identity. Having just emerged from the crucible of intensive classical violin training, I found myself adrift in the orchestral seas, unable to tether my musical spirit to a singular genre or mode. The hypnotic cadence of the kora, the rhythmic sway of bluegrass, and the allure of uncharted paths in music continued to beckon me. Upon the culmination of my academic pursuits, I delved into the life and musical oeuvre of Odetta Holmes, which subsequently ignited an ardent longing to explore the traditions embedded within my Haitian lineage. I clutched to my heart the literary legacies of Haitian luminaries such as Frantz Casseus, Manno Charlemagne, and Toto Bissainthe, while the literary works of Haitian scholars Emmanuel W. Vedrine and Pierre-Richard Narcisse assumed the form of lilting melodies within my consciousness.

As I immersed myself in the written and recorded expressions of my heritage, a disquieting awareness arose—a sense of knowing much and yet so little about the intricacies of my lineage. My Haitian heritage harbored a trove of customs, aphorisms, and rituals that had long piqued my curiosity, yet had remained shrouded in mystery. Questions about the essence of my being, the motivations that drive my actions, and the origins of my fluency in Haitian Creole weighed heavily upon my consciousness. Our Haitian culture bears witness to a tapestry woven from the complex threads of history—a history that encompasses colonization, the enslavement and displacement of Caribbean Indigenous peoples, and the diaspora of African ethnic groups to the island of Hispaniola, among other devastating events. Fueled by an insatiable desire for self-knowledge, I embarked on the journey of ancestral exploration, plunging headlong into the cathartic and liberating process.  I’ve been affirmed through this process of self-discovery and the musical works that naturally poured out from self-knowing and allowing.

The title track of this album, 'Borderlines & Bloodlines,' serves as a thematic locus for my introspection. Its lyrics commence with the poignant inquiry, 'I've got borderlines in my bloodlines...what have I left behind?' This question serves as the lodestar guiding the odyssey throughout the album, one that mirrors my own autobiographical quest. While the ultimate answer to this question remains elusive, I draw inspiration from the enduring spirits of my ancestors, as well as from the indomitable resilience, cultural opulence, and enduring beauty of individuals like myself—unyielding souls who defy compartmentalization in the wake of a tumultuous past."

In the realm of Germa's musical creation, 'Borderlines & Bloodlines,' she artfully bridges the chasms of time and heritage, inviting all to embark on a lyrical journey of self-discovery and collective empowerment.

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